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Fendt Tractor Municipal


Fendt, the leading tractor brand in the municipal sector in South Tirol


The all-round tractors from Fendt can be fully utilized throughout the year. In Winter, they are highly flexible in service with snow plows, self-loading gritteres with disks or snow blowers. Thanks to the standard push frame, these tractors offer ideal snow clear capability with high stability. The Thorough compact design of the Fendt Vario allows excellent visibility of attachments.


Link to manufacturer     www.fendt.com




365 operating days per year: four seasons, one Holder!


Holder, the strong, compact and maneuverable equipment carrier, carries out two operations in one pass, such as snow clearing and gritting. The intelligent load limit control is especially effective with snowblowers. It ensures that the travel speed automatically adapts to the performance decrease on the front attachment. The sweeper with exceptional suction power, makes the Holder fully functional for all year round use.


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Dulevo Sweeper

Sweeper Kärcher


Municipal technology enjoys high priority at Kärcher. That is why we have invested all our know-how and extensive experience in the development of the MC 250 suction sweeper. As a result, the attractively designed MC 250 offers unsurpassed cleaning performance at low engine speeds, a generous 2.5 m³ dirt hopper volume and, thanks to hydropneumatic suspension and independent wheel suspension, maximum driving comfort. The air-conditioned spacious cab with back-friendly seats and the ergonomic operating concept with a clear multifunction display in the steering wheel rim ensure a pleasant working environment and a high level of user-friendliness. Our MC 250 also has all-wheel steering for the best maneuverability and an efficient water circulation system with a separate waste water tank. The machine is suitable for towns and communities of all sizes, is very easy to maintain and impresses with very low exhaust and fine dust emissions. 


Link to manufacturer     https://www.kaercher.com/de/professional/kommunaltechnik.html


Today's professional winter service calls for reliable, powerful and easy-to-maintain multifunction packages. The versatile range of vehicles from REFORM was specially developed for use with a large number of different bodies and sets completely new standards in terms of maintenance, versatility and economy.

Great importance is also attached to the simplicity of operation, especially in winter service, long shifts are not uncommon. Logical, intuitive operation is essential here, and that is exactly what all REFORM products offer. With the various hydrostatic travel drives, changing direction is child's play, and adjustment to the circumstances is also effortless.


Link to manufacturer    https://www.reform.at/




Bonetti  F 100X 4x4 Compact vehicle


The Bonetti F100X 4x4 provides a robust, reliable and technically innovative solution with many advantages for all customers that require a special vehicle with compact size and high performance. The new F100X4x4 is based on the 35 years of experience of the Bonetti Company in the development and manufacture of special, compact size, all-wheel drive vehicles and is is available in 25mph (40 kph) or 50mph (80 kph) versions.



Link to manufacturer     http://www.bonetti4x4.it/










Thermal weed control with WEEDEX weed killer combination devices offers an optimal solution for careful weed removal and gentle cleaning of open spaces.


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Stoll mountable suction device





STOLL mountable suction device


Professional high performance suction device for clearing grass and leaves. High dump, noise-reduced whisper turbine, functional equipped with wear plate in the turbine, anti-rust coating, silicone joints seals.



Link to manufacturer    www.stoll-landschaftspflege.de



Kugelmann sweeper-suction combination



Easy Clean sweeper-suction combination


This system works simply and extremely effectively. With the adjustable sweeping unit (on the front three-point linkage) and collection container mounted above the motor, the articulated carrier vehicle can be reconfigured as a modern professional sweeper. The sweeper-suction combination is characterized by the professional suction fans and the quiet-operating collection container.



Link to manufacturer     www.kugelmann.com


Westa Mountable blower for snow clearing


Mountable blower for snow clearing


WESTA snow blowers have matured over decades of continuous innovation into products of the highest efficiency and quality. WESTA mountable snow blowers are two-stage snow blowers. The snow is removed by a low-speed cutter drum, finely crushed and fed through in doses to a high-speed centrifugal ejector wheel. With this design a large throw is achieved with minimum effort.

They are supplied as a front or rear mounting with mechanical or hydraulic drive.



Link to manufacturer     www.westa.de


Wiedenmann Combi-sweeper






Combined sweeper for front-mounting on two-axle vehicles up to about 26 kW (35 hp).

The pendulum attached sweeper is ideal for snow and dirt sweeping. The sweeper roll, with hydraulic pivoting to both sides, has its fulcrum in the middle of the roll. The sweeper is operated through two infinitely height-adjustable support wheels. With mechanical drive, 2 different speeds are available by switching over the V-belt 



Kugelmann Artiticial turf care



Artificial turf care


The TERRA BRUSH is optionally available for attachment to the three-point hitch of the tractor or as a fixed design with carriage and drawbar e.g. for tractors without rear hydraulics. Raising of the landing gear can be done either hydraulically or electrically. Through the special zig-zag arrangement of the individual brush strips, a uniform distribution of the backfill material is achieved, thus improving the over running characteristics and reducing the risk of injury.



Link to manufacturer     www.wiedenmann.de


Hydrac Snow plow




Snow plow


Hydrac snow plows have been fully proven in the most difficult and toughest conditions for years. The sophisticated technology guarantees not only best quality but also enormous operational safety. The blade parts move out of the way on parabolic guides, backwards and upwards, when driving over obstacles. Through this special parabolic movement obstacles up to 20 cm height can cleared!



Link to manufacturer     www.hydrac.com




Mulag Mowing machines




Mowing machines


As a leading manufacturer of mowing machines, Dücker offers, in addition to verge mowers, front outriggers to 7.8 m range, combinations for use of up to 2 mowing systems simultaneously. All booms are equipped with up to 15 different attachments as an all year round system for use in road maintenance: A multiple benefit that is cost effective.


Link to manufacturer     www.duecker.de


Springer Automatic gritters



Automatic gritters


The Springer Company, located in Rengersdorf (Austria), has been involved in the development of gritters for over 20 years. They produce self-loading gritters with rollers or disks from 400 to 1500 liters for tractors and salt gritters for vans, Unimog and trucks. The highly precise application is intended to achieve the greatest range of coverage for the given spreading quantity, while at the same time minimizing unnecessary burden on the environment.


Link to manufacturer     www.springer-kommunal.at


Pewag Snow Chains




Snow chains


Pewag offers the right product for every application. From a keen interest in innovation Pewag has developed snow chains that ensure maximum safety and comfort in all conditions.

Pewag snow chains cannot just be used in winter conditions. Snow chains can also be used in mud, rubble and sand:

 Even in rough terrain military and rescue teams trust the proven quality of Pewag snow chains.



Link to manufacturer      www.pewag.de


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